Houseboat Pontoon Repairs

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Jack Herrin

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We are considering getting our houseboat 1987 Boatel pontoons totally redone. Does anyone with experiences at getting this type of work done on their houseboats? Any good or bad reports? And who they would recommend in Bullfrog Area.
thanks, Jack Herrin

We had to have significant repairs to our steel mono hull and ended up taking the boat to Page as no one on the north end really offered the service. We felt it was well worth the effort and couldn't be happier with Lake Powell Marine. They've since done other major work (new roof) for us

My cell is(303) 748-4403 if you want to chat - Sheri
JNB Welding/Marine Services is also across from Offshore Marina and in Hanksville. 1-435-542-3408 Sq
We have had Offshore do repairs but I would not suggest using them. We had repairs done by them 4-5 years ago. When we put the boat back in the water within 1 week we had to pull it again due to a crack that was leaking. So much for a pressure test.
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