Hole in the Rock Trail

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Has anyone had experience with with the Hole in the Rock Trail. It's the 4x4 trail on the south side of the lake, south of Halls Crossing going west along Nokia Dome Rd. Looking for pointers. Is Lake Canyon still closed. Can you get down the Rincon to the lake?
Those searches take you in from Escalante not halls.

If you go in from halls you better have a group that knows what they are doing with bad *** rigs and winches.
No you can't get to lake without a long walk.

Been there done that years ago.
Don't let me scare you off.... I don't know what kind of rig you have but it can be done!
That trail has been on my to-do list for years. I've seen pix of Jeeps at waters edge in the Rincon, I also wonder if one can still do that today...
I've heard that it's been done but no way from where we were at.
Once you get into GCNRA it could cost you some fines for off-roading.
I know there is a group that's trying to get this into the new off-road package that the GCNRA said they are drafting but I don't know where they are at in that process.
Just back from the Hole in the Rock trail. On Friday the 27 must have come across 20+ rigs making the trail. Very busy to say the least given it's remoteness. Camped out over the San Juan bend 25 miles in and returned the next day. Took us 4 hours to travel 25 miles which is an indication of how rough it was. We traveled much faster than most of the Razors were going. Several of the rigs we came across had done the Rincon road that drops right down to the Lake. They told us that that section was very rough. We didn't make it that far. We were on Honda 680 Rincons and they handled it nicely. For those of you interested this is not a beginners trail. 60-70% of it is very rough. If you break anything there is no way to call a tow truck. The trail is mostly easy to follow with the rough sections over slick rock marked by cairns, some limited park signage, cemented posts, and rebar. Great adventure and magnificent scenery. Great views of the San Juan, Navajo Mtn, Nokia Dome, and Mt Pennel. Oh and ride up Moki Dugway, WHOA!
I have a friend who has been down to the water's edge in the Rincon recently.

Years ago I was a boat driver of a crew that first rode bicycles down the road over Grey Mesa and to the water's edge in the north arm of the Rincon. We picked them up in boats, camped for a few days, then headed back out through Bullfrog. The bike riders had a support Jeep with them and he also made it to the water's edge in the Rincon.

Apparently the access to the road is a "gray" area. GCNRA says you can't do it. San Juan County says you can.
This pic was Memorial Weekend 2007. Mild lifted jeeps and even a Ranger. We did make it down to the lake at that time. Very narrow road down to the lake and not for those afraid of heights. I would plan for an overnight trip, fill up at Halls before you start, have some offroad experience, do not do alone, make sure your vehicle is reliable and avoid the summer months as it is hot.

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Side by sides make it easy and the trail is very well marked with only a few exceptions along the slick rock.
The first time we took the ferry across but this time we drove around again in 2015. The big rains had washed
the road away to Lake. I had some great pic's someplace.


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