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We don't go to the lake during the summer but if the water keeps coming up for a while. We are definitely hitting Hite in the fall. Still waiting to hear experiences from anyone that has gone up there. I haven't had any customers report being there as of yet.
I need to be in Grand Junction on the 23rd and will plan on going back through Hanksville to Hite and camping that evening at Hite. Plan on taking the waders and checking out the launch site. Will report on what we find on the 24th. Hoping to launch the following weekend prior to the 4th.
Keep us posted Dan and take some good pics. I'm not too concerned as we launched at this elevation last year but the conditions up there are constantly changing.
I'll watch for your update Dan, and thanks for checking things out. We're planning to attempt launching at Hite on or about July 22.
I launched at Farely's over Memorial Weekend.
While fishing in Whites, I ran in to a gentleman that said he had launched at Hite on the dirt ramp. Said it was a little bit of a rodeo, but he was able to get it done. Water has came up quite a bit since then also.
Also, my Dad pulled down in there Thursday of last week and said there were a few empty fishing boat trailers at the dirt ramp.
I think it is doable, just use caution!
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