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    Heading to Powell for the holiday weekend. Looking to fish up north around Good Hope (my boys, 8 & 4 are Hooked on watching Dungee videos of Striper Boils...ok, ok, I'm hooked too.) Looking for Pros and Cons of launching at Bullfrog versus Hite, can I navigate out of Hite without having to Worry about water levels, do you think it will be less busy at HITE vs Bullfrog i.e. Holiday weekend? Any suggestions appreciated. Never launched at Hite before but willing to explore the option if it makes sense. It appears it's a lot closer on the map to Good Hope from Hite then Bullfrog. Thanks in advance for any info/tips!
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    IMG_7049.jpg IMG_7047.jpg
    You will probably be the only person at Hite. So it will definitely be less busy than Bullfrog. Navigation you'll be just fine, it will just be launching, which isn't a big deal either. It's definitely primitive launching but you should have no troubles. The bottom picture is the closest image I could find to the current level. The two circles are the launch points. We launched at the left one just below the main cement ramp in july. The other circle is okay as well and has a small dock in place. The red line is really the only obstacle you'll need to watch out for and that is the old tire barrier, but you'll see it.

    The top picture is an over head view of Hite at the top down to Farley in the right and Trachyte on he left, the levels in the pic don't reflect today's levels tho. The yellow line is the general area of the river channel and is about 20' deeper than the surrounding areas. If you follow that general path you'd be just fine. Once you're at the mouth of Farley you wouldn't need to worry about channel depth. Bullfrog certainly has more services and a better actual campground, but you'd have Hite to yourself and there is a store up there.

    Here is also a video of the retrieve we had of the Hite ramp last year, the water is 11' higher than in the video, keep that in mind.
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    Thank you! I'll report back on fishing late next week
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    That retrieve was nuts! Was your boat fully loaded from Camping still or did you have to unload stuff to get it on the trailer?, I'll be camping down Lake with the family of 5 just hoping to get on plane... but wondering if we'll be able to get back on the trailer
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    Also do you know if there's one of those self-service ice things there or if you just pick it up at the store at Hite... might come in after hours when the store isn't open but still need to get ice
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    Youll want to grab ice at Hanksville then. No self serve ice at Hite. It was pretty shallow and the boat was completely loaded, but that was when the lake was 11 feet lower too so conditions will be different, when we launched below the cement this year it wasn't as bad.
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    Thanks again!
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    I called the store they will be opened till November , with gas 24/7 with card.Was at Hite on July 4 the weekend only 5 trailers at the ramp. Was at bullfrog last labor day weekend and had to walk about a mile to get to the truck at the old Marina parking lot. Hite is Utopia to me
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    If you are launching at Hite, there is no need to go down to Good Hope to camp or catch fish. If you look at the picture that Dungee posted that has the two yellow circles you can see trucks and campers at the waters edge between the 2 circles. There are at least 50 camp spots along that shore line to camp that you can drive to, and pull your boat right up to your camp spot. The store has limited hours like 10 till 4, that are usually listed on the door. Their stock is very limited but they usually have ice. There is a bath room that I thing remember having showers at the far left of above mentioned picture. The fish cleaning station was in the same place, but last I remember it was not functional. As far as the fishing, the water should be reasonably clear or clear enough to fish right at Hite. If you go down to Good Hope you will have company fishing the boils for sure. The best place to find boils year after year is the striper city/Trachyte area - about 6 to 8 miles down from Hite (40 miles up from Bullfrog). There are several good camping spots along striper city if you want to go down lake and camp. This area will be right after the first big right hand turn about 5/6 miles down from Hite, then on the right hand side headed down before you get to Trachyte. I always take binoculars with me looking for boils, climb the island on the point (between white and trachyte) and you can see almost all the way to Hite - about half way to the back of Farley and White - clear to the back of Trachyte and all the way down to 2 mile. Have never climbed that hill at first light that I did not spot a boil during boil season. You will not be the only person there if you go, but every one there will be serious fishermen that are usually willing to help you out. Have fun! Almost wish it wasn't elk season.
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    Fish cleaning station was not open in mid July.
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    Thanks fellas!
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    Just back. More tomorrow. Launching at Hite was doable but the water level was at one of those flat steps. At the old marina site Sunday afternoon we were fortunate to meet up with someone trailering their boat and he showed us the angle for launching : on the north side of the courtesy dock angle the launch toward the tires off the end of the dock-there is deeper water at that angle and not straight back. Store is open 9-5. No showers that I know of at the bathrooms at top of concrete ramp. We saw virtually no one. Water was in 80's which drives fish deep and the boils were of very short duration. The biting black flies were annoying to say the least despite the overused insect repellent.
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