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Hi Everyone! Maggie here from the Hite Outpost. We have now opened our South Launch Ramp. The water is deep, but there is still a lot of underwater vegetation and trees. The fish both here and in Farley’s are going nuts finding insects in the newly flooded areas. All times of the day you can see fish activity. We launched 11 foot fishing kayaks yesterday without issue. For very small crafts launching should be fine. Larger crafts are at your own risk, but may be doable.

All campground construction is complete and we have beautiful new campsites along the waters edge and along the concrete boat ramp with plenty of parking.

Please call us with any questions at 435-233-6822. Hope to see you soon!




Hi Maggie,

Stayed in Hite over Memorial weekend in the full hook-up section with our daughters and had the best of time, especially since we had the place to ourselves! Great time to explore the area by land, I am sure with the rise of water others will be excited. Would need a lot more water to launch our boat but may come to explore by kayak!

Hope your business is doing well and we will most likely see you in the fall when it cools down for more land excursions.



the water level have reached Hite right because i check on the webcams but i don't know if there water
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You can see water if you look at the webcam pictures. North Wash is actually part if the Lake again. When I was down there in March North Wash canyon was separated from the river by a high silt bar with only a small sliver that when there would be enough inflow it would cut a small channel to the river. You can see the tops of the tamarisk bushes and some silt islands. But there is a fair amount of water and as mentioned primitive ramp is "useable" Hopefully it stays up into the fall. If so I will definitely try to plan a trip to fish the upper end. I miss the old Hite days!!!
Thank's Maggie, the water look's surprisingly clear, may be time to check it out.
Don’t let that picture fool you. I was at GHB 7/9-7/11 and the water clarity is still about 6”-9” and not any better in the back bays. Seen one slurp, water was calm 90% of the trip. Seen a ton of 1” shad on the surface in the mornings and evenings just no stripers slurping on them. We only caught 14 stripers trolling rapalas. I only went as far North as Castle Rock, launched at Bullfrog. Water clarity starts getting bad at about Tapestry wall. I have a rookie fishing crew me my wife and two kids so I bet others would do alot better.