Hite this weekend!

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After work today we are Hite bound!
Plan to get on the water early Friday and see if we can find some fish! We have never launched or fished out of Hite before, so pretty excited. Our Son and Granddaughter out of Salt Lake plan to join us Saturday, so should be a great weekend, fish or not...although, just a bit better with fish!!! lol

If we survive, we will post a report early next week. just the weekend, so a short trip, but we are looking forward to actually getting on the lake... rather than waking up again and realizing in our dreams we were in a Dungee Fishing Video!!! :-)
Maybe we will see a few of you along the way.
Friends of ours are leaving Friday for Hite. We're leaving Saturday. Plan on shore camping somewhere between Striper City and Red/Blue Notch. Will always share information. White/black Crestliner w/white 150 OB. Plan on fishing anywhere from south GHB to Farley.
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