Hite services?

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I was wondering if the Hite store is open? If so can you get gas there like before? I'm trying to plan a trip and figure out logistics.
Are boats still being launched safely below the main ramp at Hite? Thinking of a trip that directions this weekend.
Ramp is usable at 3620 , that should around November. Gas 24/7 with card flushable toilet near main ramp ,fish cleaning station?? . And 5 rv rentals Utopia
I was there on the 4th of July. , I would say yes you can definitely launch. Camped at picnic tables at shore , a lot of nats. Fishing was great
We took out on the 16th of July and had no issues. Water is only about a foot different now.
We were there a week after Dungee Fishing and launched at the old marina site (so was everyone else that weekend) with no problems. A big cruiser launched ahead of us with no problem. The end of the ramp was signed with a "Road Closed" sign. We checked it out and quite frankly though that the old marina site looked better (got deeper faster).
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