Hite Report 6/16- 6/17

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After fishing the slurps in Bullfrog on the 13-14th, I decided I needed to go back.
I didn't want to fight the crowds of people at Bullfrog, so I decided to give Hite a try!

Friday evening we launched at the primitive launch ramp with no issues at all.
Headed down lake to check conditions. The Debris field didn't really start until just south of Whites and went into the mouth of Trachyte, (it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be). We sifted through the debris to just south of Trachyte, to where debris broke and the water cleared up.

The main channel between Trachyte and Two mile canyon is where the water cleared up from mud red to an aqua blue/green color. Once the water changed colors, slurps could be found anywhere you looked.
Fished the slurps for a few hours and boated a few fish! Yearling stripers are healthy and fat, while anything older than that is skinny.

Saturday morning, we thought we would fish for black bass before it got to hot. We went into whites and did very well. The water also cleared up in Whites about 300 yards into the mouth of the canyon.
Small mouth, large mouth, and walleye were all caught on a white curly tail grubs and pumpkin senkos. 25 fish in two hours.
Once it got hot and we needed the breeze of running the boat, we returned to the main channel by Two-Mile canyon and fished the slurps until noon.

It was a great trip. Fishing was great, lake was calm, and we didn't see any other boats in two days!


Dan Spitzer

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Nice, My old man & I camped down at the bottom of ol blue notch across from castle butte this entire last week & have a similar report. Slurps to be seen all over, nice healthy strippers. Walleye all over the place as well. Rattle traps were the name of the game!
That's the report I've been waiting for. Thanks. Leaving the 29th or 30th and staying through the 4th.
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