Hite launching?

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I know in previous years, 3606 was the minimum to launch at Hite. Current water level is at 3613 according to the website.

Anyone launched at Hite yet this year? Think it's possible yet?
It has a lot of water coming in, would'nt be a good time to launch. Powell's coming up 6 and 7 in, a day and there has to be a lot of stuff floating arround. But I'm sure it's high enough now.
Many years ago the minimum to launch at the furthermost south dirt ramp was 3611. I'm sure the channel has meandered and that probably isn't possible right now with silt filling in.

The main Hite ramp isn't useable until 3640.

Like KyKevin said there's going to be a LOT of junk in the water for a couple months now, not sure you want to even attempt it until the runoff slows down in July-ish.

You can launch a small boat at the Farley's (dirt ramp) and there will probably be some clear water in Farley's because it's off the main channel. But the main channel will be completely muddy and basically unfishable for awhile.
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