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I was told something today that I can't believe. My friend is going to Powell (Hite) in the morning. They said their other friend that went down today called and told them they were in Bullfrog and to come to Bullfrog because there is too much ice to launch at Hite.

Could this possibly be true?

Sounds like someone wanted to go to Bullfrog and made up a story so they could avoid going to Hite. Or possibly someone does not want any company at Hite and is making up stories to get everyone to go to Bullfrog.

If someone out there has information or been there Sunday Dec. 17th or later and can confirm or deny this information, let me know.
webcam shows clear water no ice to my eyes . Went ice fishing yesterday at antero , only 6" thick . Thin ice at harvey gap , struggling for ice here in colorado .
I came past Blue Mesa on the 23rd. People were ice fishing the inlet 100 yards from the open water. Was white capping on the open water. Can't believe there was open water this time of year.
Guess I'm seeing the same thing Bobco was looking at in the webcam shot. Ice has formed to the right of the screen and along the bank at the base of the photo. Open water is farther out.

Since the primitive ramp is in more shade than the areas in the photo and the water depth is getting shallower, my guess would be there's more ice there than in the photo. So the other friend is probably worth asking more questions of.

A recent report would be best, but that's a long way to go to not be able to launch.
The report I got was 1" at hite that was 2 weeks ago could be more or less now,
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