Hike to Peek a Boo Arch

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PeekaBoo or Rim Arch is one of the most spectacular arches on the shores of Lake Powell. It is found overlooking Piute Canyon Bay in the San Juan Arm of Lake Powell. Piute Canyon is visible from the arch but to see it from the water, go back down lake around the first corner downstream from Piute Canyon and look at the top of the 800 foot high rock wall. Actually climbing to the arch takes a bit more effort.

The only really good spot to start the hike is downstream from Deep Canyon on the quick U-turn goose neck that I call the Little Rincon. This is what to look for to start the climb. Its the only cove on the right hand shore when heading downstream between Deep Canyon and Desha.

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At this water level there may only be one or two places to park the boat. We found one good dock space with sand where we could park our 21 foot Glastron. There is one more possible spot just right of this good docking spot.


Once the boat is secure and well tied to the rocks, head out into the rocky cove surrounded by steep cliffs. Here is the view from the top looking into the cove where the boat is parked. Watch for cairns that mark the trail that lead you out of the cove and onto the plateau where the hike is relatively easy. Follow the trail closely to make the summit in good time.


Once on the plateau the long way is the best way. Young adventurers may like to scramble up the rock slides. (That is the way I went when I made my first trip to the arch many years ago.) Now I look to the right toward Deep Canyon and search for the single large boulder on the flat ground and head that direction. Avoid climbing the high points when possible.


Go to the solitary boulder on the right of the above picture and then find the well used trail and walk around the plateau on flat ground. After circling the point there is another climb up the next plateau but when you are on the trail it is well marked with cairns and its a 45 degree climb up the mountain which is easier than the first climb near the boat.


Once at the top of this plateau it is a fairly easy flat walk across a beautiful slick rock venue with blooming cactus and yucca plants. Again follow the cairns to the top of a slick rock hill. At the top of the slick rock summit there is a slight decline and the top of the arch is visible. The journey takes anywhere from one hour for young bucks to 2 hours for old people (like me).
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This is the top of the main arch. From here you have to scramble down the back of the 2 side windows of the arch and then have remarkable view of the lake. Its breath taking.

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These are the pictures but to get the real experience you have to take the hike!
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I climbed up the rock fall both times. I would like to try the long way around you mentioned, Thanks for sharing your pictures. It is a beautiful hike, especially in milder temperatures. Both of my hikes were in early July.
The top of the arch is one of my favorite places on Earth. I think there is a can up there so I'm going to take the San Juan Trash Trackers up there to get it!
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