Hidden path way behind a wall

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Hey wordings! I have herd of a cool passage way behind a cliff face supposedly near forgotten canyon. Has anyone have any knowledge of this place ? Word is you can climb up some rocks from the water and it will lead to this trail that goes behind the cliff and comes out o the other side. I’d love to find this if it exists for a adventure one day at the end of the month trip. TIA.
I have always known it as Frank's Crack. I is really cool. Just north of Forgotten on the same side as Forgotten. You will see other boats sitting there waiting for their people to check it out. If you have little ones send an adult with them it is a tough climb.
We consider it more of a "Big Kids" adventure. There are some challenging scrambles over boulders on the way up, and some sizable drops on the way down the other side (via rope as mentioned above). Some of that depends on lake level. People take small kids, but they're literally handing them up/down to others who have gone ahead.
This was a busy spot over the weekend. Lot's of visitors dropping off and picking up. We had a group of 20 going through on Sunday. We have always just called it "The Crack" and it's always fun for the group. Little Kids will need some help but if you have teenagers with them to help its doable for the whole family.

Attached a pic from inside. :)


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