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Help Needed Identifying Mystery Plug

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My port side battery went bad so I got a replacement. I disconnected the wiring and pulled the old battery out. When I pulled the battery out one set of wires just kind of came out with it. There was no undue force applied. This loose set of wires terminates at a plug that obviously was connected to something at some point. This is on a Crestliner with a Mercruiser I/O.

I cannot find what this would have been plugged into so I think it is a leftover from some other electronics that is no longer installed. I checked my fishfinders, engine trim, steering, starter, lights, and everything works. Does anyone recognise this plug? What could it have gone to? Thanks for any help you can offer. 20171006_165039.jpg 20171006_165044.jpg


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I also think it is a Hummingbird positive/negative power supply connector. Notice the round and square female terminals to prevent polarity cross.
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