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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Ryan, Oct 31, 2016.

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    Let me start by saying I am not a techie. I am certain that my current set up has features I don't know about. But I'm looking to add a sonar to the bow of my Lund. I currently have a Lowarance at the helm. Not sure if I care (or can) network the two.

    I thought I wanted another Lowarance, but the Cabelas guy was showing my a Hummingbird that he said would likely integrate with my iPilot Terrova better.

    So I am looking for advice on what to get. My budget is $1000 or under, and I want to buy at Cabelas since I have been banking points on my visa. I think I would like to use the transducer on the Minnkota (unless you convince me otherwise), and hook it to what I think is power already at the bow.

    So, what is your advice?

    Here is what I already have at the bow of the boat.

    The back of my current sonar.

    Current sonar at the helm.
  2. Ryan

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  3. OlNorske

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    One thing to consider, if you want to link with the hummingbird, you may have to upgrade your iPilot to the iPilot Link ($500 - $700).
    I would recommend hooking up to the Minn Kota transducer, it is nice to see what's up ahead while trolling. If you network, you should be able to select between transducers.
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  4. Xpress

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    I thought hooking up to my Minn Kota transducer on my Terrova was going to be the way to go....but do your research first. You will only be able to get 2d imaging and I wanted DI & SI capability on the front of my rig. It all depends on what you want. I run Hummingbird at both bow and console with iPilot.
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  5. Dorado

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    I have the Elite TI 7 touchscreen. I like it, but have to say the DI, SI Chirp transducer is HUGE! It has not been an issue, but the thing is like a foot long and 3" wide. I really like the touchscreen feature, but have to admit I have barely used the DI and SI features. When I go out I always want to fish, not spend the time needed to use all the features on the new units!

    I think to get a new unit and a link to your ipilot is going to cost you more than $1K......
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  6. Ryan

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    Thanks so far. So, hooking it up to my Minnkota will blow my budget, so that is out at least for now (and maybe long term).

    That said, thoughts on how the two above linked sonar compare? Would touchscreen outweigh the ability to add link (possibly) in the future?
  7. davew

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    I think we will soon see that the link technology will be a "must" ---
    I think that hummingbird and Minnkota will be joined at the hip, and motorguide and lowrance will follow -- I think this will happen in the next few years.
    The link technology is wonderful to see, and I can not wait to see it live.
    I would buy something on the cheaper side, save up for a few years and get the link with a new head unit at that point.
  8. BPappas

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    I bought a Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro and used for the first time in September.I love being able to wifi to my mini ipad anywhere on the boat for sonar and down imaging.
  9. Lake Bum

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    I know nothing about networking things together, but just for an additional review on the Humminbird Helix series, I have the Helix 5 DI GPS sonar unit, and I definitely like it. I have had a few different Lowrance, and Humminbird models, and the Helix series is my favorite so far!
  10. mtnpull

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    I think I would rather have the ability to link than the touch screen. Another thought on the touch screen is, will it get dirty quickly and make it difficult to see what's on the screen? For example, you are handling fish, eating, cutting anchovies, etc, etc, then make an adjustment on the screen and dirty it up? I just think in a fish boat environment that it might not work so well.

    I have a helix 9 and am very happy with it thus far.
  11. Dorado

    Dorado Well-Known Member

    The helix units are great. But...the touch scree feature is the future. A key feature I wanted was the ability to track back on the screen and manually put a waypoint on the screen log. I used it today to mark a hump I logged at speed. Sue enough there were fish on it when I went back!!!
  12. Ryan

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    Well, the Helix sounds like it has the most positive reviews. I was hoping to pull the trigger before the end of the season, but, looking at the calendar, that might have been yesterday.

    Now looks like my fishing boat needs a new starter. That might push a purchase back until spring, as that is likely the next time I will use the boat :(.

    Thanks for the feedback.