help / info piute farms ?

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  1. mike p

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    Years ago I fished an area of the lake I believe was refereed to as Piute Farms. Does this sound familiar to anyone and is it accessible ? Would you go out of page to get there ? I recall some great large mouth there, would like to return this spring...thanks for the help ?
  2. WaterMan

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    Piute Bay is up the San Juan River about 65 miles from Wahweap.
  3. ranger621

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    Piute Farms is up 20 miles or so from Piute Bay and is a river only. The lake ends at the Great Bend around Alcove Canyon. Check it out on a map found on this site. It was a great bass spot, probably good for cats as its still accessible via Navajo Rez roads, ranger
  4. Bill Sampson

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    I agree that the only way you could get there now would be the roads on the Navajo reservation.
  5. cfulton

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    There is an old boat ramp at the former site of the Piute Farms Marina. It is about 25 miles down a very rough dirt road from Gouldings Trading Post. I have launched there several times but the water level required for launch is no less than 3685' ( about 90' above our current level). You are right, the fishing was very good and the only draw back was the rough road and the frequent break ins to parked vehicles and camp raids. Be fun to go back but we're gonna need a couple big run off years.
    Chuck Fulton
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  6. Bill Sampson

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    That road can shake out your fillings. If you don't have squeeks and noises in your tow vehicle, you will after you travel this road. I would love to see a few incredible wet winters to make this entire area usable again.
  7. hook up!!

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    we got to fish there for a few years it great fishing and boat camping bill is right we probably had half dozen windows broke out it was no problem when marina was there last time we went got stuck on a sand bar had to get pulled off
  8. Bill Sampson

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    A few years back, a lady wrote a book about that area called "Floating Hogans". She and her husband managed the marina there for the short time it was open. If you have a little time, it is a good read.