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Hello all. I'm headed to Moab in a couple weeks and thought I'd like to stop off at Lake Powell for some fishing before returning home. I have a 14 foot jon boat with a 15 hp motor. Will I be okay launching out of Bullfrog or Halls Crossing? I'll be there mid week. I've read a lot about afternoon winds and I'm concerned that the boat will be too small.
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You'll have no problem launching. Success and safety in a smaller boat at Lake Powell is usually tied to the weather and/or traffic. People regularly fish from kayaks and other small craft. My only concern with a jon boat would be the lack of a true bow to slice through the chop. It might be a bumpy ride if the water gets whipped up (again from weather or traffic). Ultimately, you'll have to be the judge of the weather, the traffic, and your experience/comfort level with what you're seeing at the time.

You might check back here just before your trip and ask about the northern lake options. Hite, Farley, and Blue Notch can be friendly access points for small boats at the right water levels. And there will be almost no traffic - so you remove that variable.

Good luck!
Lots of great fishing for walleye and SMB from Bullfrog through Stanton creek and the points across from Moqui wall. There is good service at Bullfrog so you can get a weather report. You should be fine if you keep an eye on the weather and stay close to shore.
Thanks everyone, that's the boost I needed. I'll keep an eye on the weather. My boat has a little ballast in the front so it doesn't ride too awful in chop.
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