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Hello all - I've followed along occasionally for the last couple of years but have really been studying the recent (and historical) fishing reports the last couple of weeks. 4 of us are headed down next week for a full on fishing trip. It will be our first true fishing trip as we recently picked up a new (well, new to us) bass boat.

Just wanted to say thanks to all the contributors - There is a ridiculous amount of information on this site and it is an excellent resource. I hope to add a successful report in about 10 days.

Thanks again.

wayne gustaveson

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We welcome you. The old reports were all put there and preserved for the exact purpose you describe. They are a fishing journal for everyone to use because Lake Powell is so large and changes so dramatic between years that it is almost impossible to arrive and know what to expect. It is wise to match time of year, lake level and weather to make fishing success on your first day acceptable. After that it is up to you. Enjoy your trip.
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