Heading to the lake

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Goldie & I will be at the BF campground, across from the gas station all week. I'm in the old Coachman RV with the Harley emblem on the toy hauler door. Stop in and say Hi if there. Sq
@bobco this is the first trip I have been given the blessing to fish out of it.

Hope to see you this weekend.
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Wish I could join you Squirell but Monatana beckons. Hopefully out towards end of May. Have a great time.

I did that with you last June and will not put myself thru that torture again. Yes, we had a great time, but WAY too much heat for the old man. I'll be at the lake again (at Stanton) 4/30 thru 5/6 and that will be the last time till the fall. Hopefully we can meet then. Sq
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