Heading to Powell

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Wayne, headed to lake with the grandkids. Where is the closest bait striper fishing to Wahweap?
Wahweap Fish dock and Antelope Point Fish Dock - fish from shore.

Check out the dam to see of the school is on the west side near the buoy line.

Buoy 3 on the south side wall on the curve heading toward Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is now wakeless so you can fish in the back where depth changes from 100 to 60 feet to find a willing school.

Launch at Antelope Point head uplake to Power Plant intake look for chain link fence on top of wall to find the right spot

Heading into Warm Creek through Castle Rock Cut - Check out Warm Creek wall. Park the boat behind the ridge sticking out at the Warm creek main channel intersection and then fish from shore on that ridge.

Hope the kids catch a fish. Have an alternate plan when the kids say "Papa we have enough fish lets go swimming"
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