Heading to Bullfrog 10/20-10/22

I am heading out to Bullfrog next Thursday thru Saturday, and would love some fishing advice. I have never fished at Powell before, so I am really green at it. The posts and videos I have watched indicate that the mouth of some of the side canyons are good places to go, trolling can work, jigging spoons can work (not sure on the best spoons to use as I have never done that), top water gear works, and bait (anchovies) can work too. Also I am staying in Ticaboo.

1. Any advice on good places to try. I'll have my family with me, so I would love to get into some good fishing action.
2. Any advice on tackle.
3. Any must see side canyons.
4. Any other suggestions.


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I was successful there the week of the 19th.
Halls bay and Lake Canyon were we did most of the fishing and it was great. Situationally speaking, top water, jerk baits, swim baits, cranks worked well when placed well. Spoons worked really well too when there were no opportunities for the other methods. Fresh 8-12 lb mono is sufficient.
Fish early as long as it lasts and fish late. Mid day is hit or miss.
Also take note of Wayne's reports of the canyons north of bullfrog filled with shad but no stripers.
We fished all day today and only found a small school of stripers. We landed three, but that was it. They were around 80 feet, just below the low oxygen zone. We marked fish in the same zone, but no luck. We caught them jigging spoons. Also we only saw a few stripers surface feeding and nothing in the upper water column.

We will be there in the morning. Hopefully better luck.
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Well, Friday was a bust, we did not find any fish willing to take what we were offering. We found fish at the same depths as before, but no luck. We even had a major school next to the canyon wall working towards Moki canyon, but nothing. The fish we did catch on Thursday were a treat, and the fun time zipping around the lake exploring was awesome! Maybe next time the fishing luck will be on my side.