Heading out

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Gold n Squirrel,
Hope you two have a great time, we will watch for your report.
We are planning to be out in mid October for most of a week...hoping the fishing picks up.
Likely, our last one for the season.
We enjoyed meeting you this year!
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I'll be out next Thursday with wife for a week. I guess I missed the memo Squirrell. Have fun. Our best fishing was in Hall's creek bay early boils past the narrows going in right at the entrance to the bay.
Smallmouth boils on the west side adjacent to deep water along the shore. This was along the boulders and past them to the stickups. Shad were being herded into the shallows. Worth a try. Good luck
our group heading out tomorrow morning from westminster. we think were still a week early. but. we shall see. will be in halls family units for five days
I feel your pain. I’ve gone solo 4 times this year because nobody can go due to work, money or it’s too hot. Solo is a pain, but I am determined to use my boat. Sq
I'm determined as well and am thinking about solo as well. If I had my old smaller 21' boat it wouldn't be such a big deal but with this newer 24' that is much bigger and heavier I fear having to deal with a wind storm by myself. It has a possibility of going really bad. But then I guess everyday we encounter situations that have the same possibility, so don't know what I'll do. I keep telling myself "Squirrel does it, so can I."
Lance, what makes me situation different is, my boat and RV are at Offshore. I pick up the boat with the truck and take them to the BF campground then hitchhike back to Offshore to drive the RV down. I do the same at the end of the trip. It’s so much easier with 2 people. Sq
It's hard when every one's going, but I think it is worth the wait, for those right water temp's. If money were no issue, a guy would be there all the time. And solo is not bad some time.
This is the last time slot I have available for fishing & boating this year and I only made it to powell once in the spring. Normally I try for half a dozen trips a year but this year has been rough. Come October it's time to fill the freezer with red meat till end of January. Fortunately I do have a fairly large stockpile of fish from the spring trip so not worried about that but I did make some great, and costly, improvements to the boat this spring thst I'm dying to use. Now I'm down to asking anyone I know that might like to fish, even if it means using all my rods and tackle, but I'm scarred what that might cost me in the end...
Wind just laid down, hope it stays that way. We met TR this afternoon and managed one LM in the wind. Water temp was 73 so things should start to happen. Looking forward to tomorrow night, travel safe. Dave
We will swing through the campground tomorrow night and if you are there we will stop. We leave Sunday around noon sometime. Hope we can connect but if not have a great trip. Dave
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