Headed to Bullfrog Sept 7-11

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Jamman J

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Been a couple of years since i last fished powell.

Going with some good buddies on a houseboat for some fun in sun, an for me striper fishing.

So if anyone has a good/ok/ugly report for Bullfrog area let me know.

Thanks, i like to of course fish boils but if its deeps spoons an especially Redrum cracker tube baits, kinda like a power fishing tube, on a double rig has killed it for me in past.

Hope to see some of ya guys out their

I'd try up around good hope bay if you are serious about chasing stripers. That has been a good striper spot fairly consistently for me. I've heard some reports of striper schools near the marinas as well. If you are on the water early, prior to the sun hitting the water you have the best chance of spotting some boils. Then you can try to chase those schools a bit.
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