Has anyone used one of these?

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Gem Morris

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Or have any knowledge about them?

The reason I ask, you may remember I installed a Garmin autopilot system on my boat. I use it for trolling for fish. It works remarkably well.

But I've begun to realize how potentially deadly an autopilot system can be ESPECIALLY if I'm alone on my boat and fall off (go overboard). A lot of fishing happens on the swim platforms and the potential to fall off is certainly there (it hasn't happened to me yet).

I typically troll about 1.5 mph and I know I can swim that fast for a short period of time in my swimming suit - I don't know about fully clothed. I could just imagine the boat getting away from me when I'm miles from shore. Even with a life jacket it could be big trouble.

The top one hard wires into the kill switch and the bottom one replaces the lanyard and somehow simulates the lanyard being pulled out.

Any thoughts?
The MOB+ looks like a more finished install, flush mounted and the wiring bypasses the existing kill switch, something I'll have to think about. Longevity is the question, will they last more than a couple years is the question.

In regards to the autopilot, depending on your speed, it may be best the boat continues straight instead of circle back around on top of you, I'm sure a prop strike would ruin your day...

I wear an inflatable PFD (with harness so I can tether in if I need to go the bow to adjust sails), and attach a VHF Radio with DSC (HX870) to the vest. I sail solo a lot, and do a lot of crossings at night, so if I go over I figure I could dsc to ring the VHF in the boat and hopefully wake up the boys sleeping in the cabin. If they don't wake up, I could call the USCG and let them know a 31' sail boat is about to enter port at 5 knots with no one steering, and if they could manage, to please come pick me up...

Last Saturday at sunrise with 10 miles still to go to Catalina:
I've decided to go with the MOB+

I bought it on the internet and I'm waiting for it to arrive.

There is a big discussion about it on www.the hulltruth.com and the consensus is for the MOB+

My boat is a jet boat so the prop won't get me.

I like your precautions - seems like you've thought a lot of the "what ifs" thru and have some solutions figured out
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