Had to setup new account

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Glad the site is back! I was having withdrawals. :) I did have to setup a new account as I couldn't login using my previous info so I created a new account using same username. Anyway, thanks to all those who are keeping WW alive and well.
I had to do the same. Even though the other pages greeted me with my user name, the message boards wouldn't let me sign in.
Yes, sorry, should have made that more clear somehow. The two sites are not connected as far as user names and passwords are concerned. Our goal was to get something up and running as quickly as possible - so converting/connecting all of the accounts was not feasible in the desired time frame.
How do I set up a profile with signature line and such?

Looks like maybe you've figured it out, but to offer help to those who may read this in the future -
  • The most common profile options appear when you hover over your Username in the top navigation bar
    • You can click on any of these shortcuts
  • All of the options become available when you click on your Username and your profile page appears
    • Tab through the various pages by clicking the options down the left side.
Good luck!
Yes, I did find the links after I posted here. There's always a learning curve to new stuff. Fortunately, I'm still ABLE to learn at my young age. ;)
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