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How do you all stock up for groceries when heading out with a group of people on the lake for a week? I usually do some prep work before hand at home and a big grocery run at Walmart in town the morning before the houseboat leaves the marina. The shopping is a lot of work and I'm wondering if there's an easier way. I've heard there's a grocery store that delivers an order to your houseboat??? Any other online grocery ordering type of options? Just looking to eliminate some of the prep work and stress involved and maximizing fun time on the water. Thanks!
Walmart and Safeway both have online ordering, in-store pickup, and delivery options. Walmart's delivery program is just being rolled out nationwide. So, it may or may not be completely ready for prime time. Safeway has been delivering to Lake Powell houseboats for a while. There's also a group called Lake Powell Groceries that offers menu planning and catering options in addition to online shopping and delivery right to your houseboat.

I've only used the in-store pickup options. So, I can't speak to any of the delivery services. Anyway, hope this helps!

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I have used both delivery services (not Walmart yet) and they have been very helpful. The only thing I caution you about is to double check your list versus what they have picked up, as they seem to leave things off, or fill the wrong item. Usually it's pretty minor, but it can really disrupt a dinner recipe if things are missing.
I normally pre cook, freeze and bring up with me. Rarely do I stop at the stores. I'll shop the week leading up so I have plenty of time and a good plan for meals. Never fails that if we go to the store in town, too much is purchased and then never used.
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