Greetings from Santa Fe County, NM

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My wife and I have been reading for the last year, but finally signed up! We have been periodic lake visitors since we (and the Lake) were young, but have started visiting a bit more consistently the last couple of years! Generally, Halls Crossing or Bullfrog. We are trying to learn how to fish and happened upon this site, now we're
We hope to continue to make a few week long and three day weekend trips over coming years to camp and fish. If you see us, please stop by and say hello! We will be in a Lance Truck Camper and Red Tracker Bass boat, New Mexico registered and just a hint of Green Chile smell to them both.

We will be arriving this Saturday, camping at the Stanton area for the week and hoping to put a few fish in the boat and our belly's! Unless we get embarrassed, as we were in April, we will hope to post a fishing report.

Thanks Wayne and the Word-ling community for all the great information and fun site!

The BarzArz's, (in my youth I worked a few summers on Elk Ridge, out by the Bear's Ears, the old miners and surveyors I worked with, used to point and tell me "those are the Barz Arz"...I eventually figured it out o_O
I live just down the road in Edgewood. Do you ever go to Elephant Butte?

have fun on your trip!
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