Green aliens spotted at Padre Bay

Years ago, back when most people beached camped and you didn’t see many houseboats, we were camped at Padre Bay. There were 6-8 other camps. We were relaxing around the fire when we heard a couple loud booms and loud music start playing. Across the bay were green, glowing, aliens doing a synchronized dance. After a bit they got on their boat and drove dancing on the back of the boat around the bay. Each camp hooted and hollered at the unexpected entertainment. One of my families most fun memories—you just never know what you’ll see camping at Powell!!


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One of my funniest recollections: We had a professional photographer with us on one of our houseboat trips. He had set up lighting to cast shadows on a cliff wall. My normally shy cousin who had had a few cocktails got in front of the light with his pants down and did a shadow dance with his stuff hanging out thinking we were all sitting on the top deck watching the cliff. We all quietly snuck over to the railing and was looking straight down on him as he was "dancing". Imagine his horror when he heard us and looked up.