Great trip to Bullfrog

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Doug Elworthy

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We camped and fished the back of Bullfrog 27-29th.
Weather was perfect!
The water was a mirror most of the time!
Trolled and graphed in 51 degree water ~35' deep and found very large schools but could not get bit when spooning. Tried everything I had but only one nibble, no hook up. Tried choves and chum, still no bite.
Trolled deep chartreuse thundersticks and were able to catch 15 stripers and one nice walleye.
Did not seem to catch any from the big schools seen on the graph..
Only random fish that were alone...??
All but 2 stripers were healthy and fat.
Graphed the bay between Bullfrog and Halls but could not see anything in the deeper water there.

Great trip!!
Can't wait to go back in Feb!!
We had the same experience. Stripers would not take vertical presentations in early Nov. nor this last week. Trolling was working if you could get deep enough. 40-50 ft.
Nice report. I had just the opposite. Nothing trolling but the spoons worked great. Same great weather though. It was a great time to be on the lake. One question.. why wait until Feb?
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