Great San Juan fishing!

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Went fishing May 20-21 with HOLEINTHEWATERDAVE and had a blast. I've fished Lake Powell several times but this trip produced the most fish with the largest average size. Most of the fish we caught were smallmouth with a few largemouth mixed in.
We caught most of our fish about 10-12 miles up the San Juan on the following baits: 4" Dual tail Yamamoto hula grubs in the pumpkin green/black flake color on a 3/8 Oz. jighead, the same color and weight single tail grub, 5" weightless wacky rigged Senkos on a #2 light wire hook. Baby bass colored Senkos worked best for me but almost the any light green colored bait seemed to work. I did throw some darker senkos that worked ok if I drew a line down the side with my Chartreuse marker. I also used the marker to highlight the hula and tails on the 4" hula grubs.
Depth: We caught fish just off of the shoreline to 20 ' deep fishing rocky boulder covered areas and dropoffs. Retrieve varied according to what the fish wanted in a certain area and it only took a few casts to figure out the pattern. Most of the time slowly dragging the bottom produced a fish (if they didn't swallow it on the drop which occurred quite often). Other times a steady retrieve with a few pauses caused a reaction bite.
Topwater: Sunday before dusk and Monday morning we threw topwater on some flats (approximately 3-10 ft deep) and loaded up with more smallies. I threw a clear/green Rio Rico (fire and ice color?). The bass seemed to prefer a slower retrieve as most of my hits occurred on the pause. If the retrieve was a constant pop, pop, pop the fish didn't seem to like it as much.
All in all a great trip with a good friend. The weather was great and the fishing was terrific.
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