GPS for a rookie?

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Headed for my maiden voyage to the lake with father in law and whole family. FIL is not much of a fisherman, but he, strangely, is super excited to catch a striper. Does anybody have any GPS coordinates you are willing to share for drop-offs, structure or any other locations for the FIL and the kids to catch a few? Any other tips? Or am I over thinking this?

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Sorry, Wahweap. Should have mentioned that, but have a houseboat and powerboat rental, kayaks, we'll start at Wahweap but could end up anywhere. Will be there a week.
Do you want to use anchovies and "still" fish or do you want to troll? Both of these techniques can be good for stripers - the suggested areas will be way different depending on the fishing technique you plan to use. Do you have a fish finder on the boat you'll be fishing from?

Just FYI - baitfishing will probably be a more successful method if you are a total beginner
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I expect to use anchovies and swim baits/cranks/top water/jigs/trolling, the whole arsenal in my bag. Most of the group are beginners, I've been a flyrodder, fisherman for decades. My biggest concern, and I've called with no answer, is whether the boat has a trolling motor/live well/anchor.
We had good luck with anchovies in the back of Navajo Canyon two days ago. Target the 35ft depth and look for fish on the finder. Cast the bait out and let it sink on a semi tight line. There is some floating debris as you get 3/4 of the way there.. just pay attention but no big deal. Some others were fishing deeper along the walls and another was trolling in the same area. About a 1/3 of the way up canyon you'll pass the double islands. We had ok luck there earlier in the week fishing some of the points.


Another good consistent spot is MM25 just south of the entrance to Last Chance. The dark cliffs and the cove just east of the dark walls is usually productive. Also the south wall just past MM9.


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If I remember the rental speed boat have no live well and no trolling motors. They are for water sports and cruising the lake.
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I don't ever remember seeing fish finders on the power boat rentals. Best to troll, swim or crank baits, to try and find a hit. Once you lock in, return to that spot and chum with anchovies. You can then drop jig hooks baited with anchovies or filet of striper into the school. Both markers listed above are good spots to try. If this is your first time house boating there are some good beaches in Navajo (but I haven't been back there in 10 years). We camp Gunsite or Padre Bay due to the large sandy beaches. We will be there May 20-26, green tracker with central helm. Stop and say hello if you see us, will trade some info.
Also, take your fly rod. You can get some great top water action in the early morning with poppers.

If I remember the rental speed boat have no live well and no trolling motors. They are for water sports and cruising the lake.
Yes, I fully expect a non fishing set up and boat position will be difficult. Trolling and anchor are my best options I think.
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