Good Hope Report

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Tyler Allan

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We left Bullfrog last Wednesday morning and headed north. It was our first time at Good Hope. We fished Knowles Canyon on the way up lake from front to back with no success. This let us know the fish were still out on the main lake. We set up camp close to Red Canyon. Thursday morning it rained from 4am-11am. We launched and started to troll for stripers close to 7 am. As we were trolling in the rain, to our surprise we found ourselves in 3 different boils. As with all boils they come and go quickly:). We put a dozen in the boat and trolled only one more striper and a walleye.
Friday we woke up and launched in the dark in hopes of more striper boils, but no more were seen the rest of trip, nor did we troll/down rig any others. Lots of fish on the finder at 25-30' deep. We spoke with other anglers who had found that the jigging with spoons at the mouth of 4 Mile Canyon for stripers was good. We only looked for them for an hour but didn't locate them.
Most of our fish smb, lmb, walleye, and bluegill were caught in 10-25' of water. We didn't come across the crappie like we usually do in the San Juan arm. Most types of plastics worked well for us. Whites, and pumpkin colors were good.
For our first trip to Good Hope we felt that the quality of fish were really good. We look forward to going there again next year and learning more about this wonderful part of the lake.
Thanks to all who gave their input on our thread about Good Hope. Good luck to all who are still going to Powell!
Funny you mention Knowles, we were just laughing, we have had similar experiences every time we give it a chance...
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