Good Hope, March 30, 2019

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As has been the case the last couple of years, work issues ate up most of our spring break this year again, but we did manage to get to Bullfrog, staying at the lodge, for a couple of days Friday and Saturday, March 29 and 30.

Friday spent a short time looking for stripers in Bullfrog Bay, but motor hydraulic steering issues took us off the lake quickly and no fish. It was overcast and fairly windy, water was very clear and running 50 -51.5 degrees.

Our Son and Granddaughter joined us Friday evening, so we had breakfast Saturday morning when the café opened then took a beautiful, albeit chilly run up to the Horn.

It was great day! Sunny with light winds and warmed up to mid-60’s. The water starting getting some stain around the Castle Butte area and by the Horn was pretty stained, maybe 6-10 inch visibility. There was a mudline near shore out to about 25 feet due to wave action on the beach areas. Water temps in the stained water were running 52-56 and up to 57.5 in the muddy water at the back of 4-mile.

We fished for SMB and LMB from the Horn to 4-mile and in 4-mile with little luck, throwing cranks, jigs, Hulas, Ned rigs, drop shot with shad shapes and wacky worms, top water, plastics…nothing except a striper my wife caught in about 2 foot of muddy water with a green jig.

We trolled above the Horn in about 60-80 feet of water, trolling hard baits and spoons at about 20 feet and started hooking up with Stripers. Well, actually the women in the boat caught fish, while us guys netted, took pictures, drove the boat, removed treble hooks from the landing net and generally tried to find ways to be useful.

Nice fish in generally good condition, the males were ready to fertilize eggs with the slightest pressure. Lots of 2-3 fish from 25-50 on the graph, and a few big bait balls, a few stripers on the bottom, but they were not responding to dropped jigs.

We did see a white Crestliner with a WW flag, but we were working slowly through a really tight spot in our boat (maybe we were actually stuck, lol) trying to get a closer look at some Otters in we could not catch them to introduce ourselves.

Met some really nice folks from Glenwood CO, and got to meet Squirrel and visit a while with him and his fishing partner and a really nice family from Vernal, UT passed along some fishing tips, they did really well with Stripers in Good Hope all week, so they were really helpful!

Only one day to really fish, but it was a great day on the water, and our granddaughter (10 years old) caught the most fish... again :)


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Barz. it was really nice to meet you & Jackie. Sorry for the steering issues, Did the fix at the shop fix the problem? Sq

It was our great pleasure to meet and hang out a bit with you.
Yes, our joint effort fix at the shop worked wonders, it was better than its ever been...thanks for your help and encouragement.
We stopped by Sunday morning at your camp, but the attendant said we had missed you by about an hour...
We look forward to the next chance to see the Gold-n-Squirrel and crew! (y)
This is my gold standard for a fishing report, with locations, depths, technique, water temperature and honesty ( by that I mean not including only highly successful days/techniques. What didn't work is just as informative as what did...), and a template I hope to copy someday soon. Also, love of fishing and sharing it with family and friends shines through. Glad y'all had fun and shared with us.
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