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Good hope bay, or farley's canyon?

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Hi everyone! Been watching this website awhile and enjoy reading posts. I was wondering if it is possible to get a truck and a small 14 foot aluminum boat, and launch at good hope bay by taking blue notch road? The boat is light enough to carry to the water. Just wanted to make sure I can drive the truck close enough to the water. We went for the first time last year but went to Stanton creek. Thanks for reading. Will post a report when we come back next week!


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You should be fine getting down the blue notch road. They grade it twice a year or so. Keep in mind that its is a pretty rough road and it ruts out during heavy rains. Take a shovel and a handy man jack. It is about 14 miles in off the main road and takes about an hour to drive it. Should you break down or have problems, there is no phone service. Once you get there the fishing options are greater than what you have in Farley. That being said, Farley is only about 4 miles and 15 minutes off of the main road, and is a little better road. This time of year the water out in front of Farley in the main channel will be muddy so you will have about a mile or so of Farley that should be clear enough to fish. Out in the main channel you may have to go as far as 10 to 15 miles down lake to find water clear enough to fish.
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