Good Float tube locations

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Any good places that are fairly accessible for drive in, camp and drop float tubes in?
Any part of the lake is good. We definitely want to be proximal to some stripers.
It sounds like Stanton Creek at Bullfrog might be your best option on the North end. It will still be a 6 mile drive to get to the water. Farley and Blue Notch may be compromised by the run off. Sq
Lone Rock - you can camp on the beach and use float tubes off the beach. You do need a 4-wheel drive and will have crowds, but you will have crowds at Stanton, too.
Just north of houseboat rental dock at stateline (south lake) is a terraced point that is easy access and great striper hang out. It has a piece of equipment on the top so is fairly easy to spot if you know stateline area. About 4 miles south of Lone Rock beach.
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