GHB area 5/1 - 5/3

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Sorry for the late report, but spent 5/4 traveling home and 5/5 dealing with food borne illness. 5/1 two friends and I fished lower GHB and surrounding areas. Water was terribly murky in the main lake areas but most of the water in side canyons had much better clarity and better fishing. Everywhere we checked north of the floating outhouse was too murky for good fishing with < 6" visibility. We had good success where we had 15" or better clarity. Water temps started out at 62 on 5/1 and ended up at 69 by days end 5/3.

I kept track of my numbers, but the others didn't so the numbers reflect our approximate total catch.
Stripers (appx 53) 11" to 23". Were caught from 2' deep to 40' deep in side canyons. We found them everywhere. Jigging spoons with or without striper belly meat, 3" curly tails, crappie jigs did the damage.
LMB (appx 18) 13" to 16". Were caught near flooded trees, and along rocky shorelines in 2' to 10' depths. Red crankbaits, crappie jigs did the work.
SMB (appx 90) 7" to 16". Were caught along rocky shorelines and cliffs that bottomed out at less than 20'. Red crankbait, 3' curlytails, crappie jigs, jig/crawler.
Crappie (appx 18) 10" to 15" average 14". Were caught mostly in areas with large boulders. I did catch one at 30' while fishing for stripers. Crappie jigs, jig/crawler.
Bluegill (appx 70) Mostly 8" to 10". Some were along rocky shorelines but our best areas were along cliff undercuts in 10' to 15' feet. Also got a bunch of green sunfish mixed in as well. Crappie jigs, jig/crawler.
Walleye (6) 14" to 20". Found them mixed in with striper at 30' up to 10' off rocky points. Jigging spoons, 3" curlytails, crappie jigs.
Catfish (appx 18) 13" to 19". Mostly shallow from 2' to 10' along rocky shorelines and around flooded trees. 3' curlytails, crappie jigs, jig/crawler.
Carp (1) While fishing for bluegill. Jig/crawler.

We released all the crappie and LMB. Kept all the stripers, walleye and catfish and kept many of the SMB and bluegill.

We tried spinnerbaits, chatterbait, squarebills, football jigs, structure jigs, Senkos, poppers, whopper plopper, underspins, Texas rigged plastics with no success. The smaller baits seemed to be best this time. Wierd!


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