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  1. truenorth

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    Heading to LP on Tuesday Sept. 5th and coming from CO. 40 gallon boat gas tank is empty. Wondering if I should fill up at Greenriver, Hanksville or Offshore. Need premium fuel. I know prices have gone up re: hurricane Harvey.
  2. PowellBride

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    Ticaboo resort has premium and ethanol free. Not sure what "offShore" which is now owned by Ticaboo has. Halls has 91 octane, Bullfrog does not. Halls fuel dock has more limited hours than Bullfrog.

    Coming from Denver we try to avoid hauling 40 gallons over the passes, but generally fuel up in Green River as we know it's cheaper than the Ticaboo/Offshore, not sure if hauling from Green River offsets the price difference with Ticaboo/OffShore
  3. truenorth

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    We come from KS nowadays. Probably an extra 240-250 lbs from Green River is not a big deal on gas mileage when already hauling the boat, two people and supplies but I don't like having it back there nonetheless. If anything it is extra wear on the trailer tires esp in hot weather and driving 70. Nice to know what Ticaboo has on hand. Thanks
  4. BartsPlace

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    Stan's (Silver Eagle) in Hanksville has ethanol-free 88.
  5. Waterbaby

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    We always towed on empty. George didn't like the extra weight in the boat with the weight we were already hauling with our coolers and gear already loaded for ten day trip.
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  6. Dale

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    We did, too. We filled at Greenhaven which was always cheaper than Page.
  7. Ryan

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    I think 20 years ago it made a lot of sense to tow as light as possible. Back then, a decent sized boat was likely near the top end of most tow vehicles rated weight capacity.

    But tow vehicles (and trailer tires) have come a long way.

    My normal tow vehicle for Powell is a 3500 DRW crew cab diesel. It's rated to tow over 20,000 pounds. It hardly knows that my 6500 pound boat is behind me, and even 68 gallons of fuel doesn't make a difference.

    Same with my boat trailer. It's GVWR is over 7000 pounds. I just upgraded my trailer tires so I have around 2000 pounds of capacity above my fully loaded boat. And unlike the older tires, these are speed rated at 87 MPH.

    All of that means that the latest I fill my boat up with fuel would be fruita. It's always less expense than anyplace after that. And the stations have high volume so I know I'm getting good, fresh fuel for my boat. Which to me is more important than worrying about a little extra weight.
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  8. bobco

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    Ryan what did you buy for trailer tires, I'm in the market to replace mine soon.
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  9. Gem Morris

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    I'm with Ryan - buy your gas at a high volume gas station whenever possible.
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  10. Ryan

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    @bobco , I put Goodyear Assurance under my Malibu.

    It used to get all sorts of trailer sway when I pulled it behind my Yukon XL. The new tires almost completely solved that problem (still can get a little bit at speeds above 80 - when I'm passing someone). But they made a world of difference. (It still tows better behind the RAM).
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  11. birdsnest

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    Load range e is a must for my trailer. What a difference it has made on sidewall and tread separation.
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