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    Does anyone here have any knowledge about Fun Country Houseboats? My boat is one of the ones that was in the fire earlier this year, and so I have been looking for another boat. I have found some Fun Country boats in Mead that look nice and relatively inexpensive for the year, but I have never really heard of them. They look a lot like Sunseeker Houseboats, but I don't know if there is any inter-relation.

    It looks like Fun Country are the boats that Antelope rents on Powell and a few other places rent on other lakes, but I don't know anything about them.
  2. weeds

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    We are about to put Cropduster up for sale. 2008 Destination pontoon boat. 65'x 18', plus 1.5 ft. catwalks. Has its own trailer.
    If you're around Antelope Point take a look. Slip 3A20.

    (I'm not familiar with Fun Country.)

  3. Cliff

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    One thing to check before you bring a houseboat to Page from Mead is how to get it through Utah.
    It may be very expensive to decontaminate the boat if mussels are present. Even dead shells adhering to the hull is a problem from what I hear.
    Others here may know more than I do however, just be sure to check it out with Utah as they have the mandatory stop just before St George. IIRC someone moving a houseboat from Phoenix to way up north (like Montana or something) had a big big problem near Big Water this last year as they had to PASS through Utah to get there.
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    What!! You too!
  5. weeds

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    Yes Dale....unfortunately me too.
    Ran out of money.
    Put sale info in the "Yard Sale" section below.
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    Sorry to hear that, Weeds. I know you and Linda had a lot of enjoyment on Cropduster.
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  7. weeds

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    Thanks WB...yes it was a great time.

    We managed to go the full length of Powell from AP to Hite a few times. All to explore the 98 canyons in Powell and kayak. We didn't get to a lot of them, but it was a fun adventure.
    I told Wayne we would start fishing when I got older....75. Guess not.

    We will miss her.
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