Friendship/Dangling Rope 6/18

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Made the run from Wahweap at first light to the back of Friendship looking for bass using Ricos. Set the trolling motor down and a slurp came up in front of us. Rico’s were deployed and the stripers hit them. Turned our attention to beating the banks and caught three large mouth right off the bat. Picked up a few small mouth but the top water wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Went up the Bank using Ned rigs and single tail grubs and picked up some here and there. Headed out and fished the island around Dangling Rope and it was OK. Skies were getting dark as a storm was rolling in so we fished the smooth rock banks to the left leading into Dangling Rope. I don’t know if it was the weather or what but the bite was on fire. Fish as long as we could and headed into Dangling Rope as we were about to get nailed. As soon as we tied up the storm hit so we waited it out with some vanilla ice cream. Worked our way back down the lake using Ned rigs, single tails and Hula grubs with hit and miss results. Picked up a few more around Wahweap and called it a day. Kept a limit of smaller bronzebacks and released the largemouth. Good day with my cousin at my favorite place. Still here and will be fishing the mornings around Wahweap.

Baby bass color is working the best but most other colors are working too.

Smooth rock is much better than rock piles for us.
Stripers are chewing on the Sammy this morning. Slurps along the Castle Rock bank across from Stateline ramp.


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