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Fried Striper - John Lassandro

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Season moist fillets to taste and place in a zip-lock bag with cornmeal. Zip up and shake to coat. Fry in hot oil until golden brown & fish is white and flaky inside.

One variation we really like is to season the fillets, then coat them in a bowl with mustard (usually yellow, but Dijon is good too), add a couple of drops of Louisiana hot sauce, then coat and fry as described above.

You may want to add a little extra salt when seasoning, as frying seems to remove some of it.

We use peanut oil for frying fish. It holds up well and is reusable. Just try to keep it from overheating (when it smokes), and you can clean it by frying French fries last, then strain it when cool to remove the cornmeal and crumbs, put it back in original container and keep in freezer until next time.
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