Free Carpet Cleaning for Houseboat (Bullfrog)

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Joel Belmont

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I've owned a month's share in a 74' Horizon at bullfrog for the past 5 years, but had to sell it. Often we would just use it to stay in the slip either side of a trip out on our 26' Tritoon.

I'm looking to trade professional carpet cleaning on a houseboat, simply for the ability to stay on it, in the slip, a few days a year, usually in mid May or late September. It would never leave the slip, just easier to stay on the water than up at the lodge. We're also good about using the dock bathrooms and not the boat, and we don't smoke or drink.

If you are interested in the trade for cleaning services, please call me at 970.618.1962

I'll be down next week cleaning the carpets on another boat and will have my equipment with me.

If you would like to learn more about our award-winning proprietary cleaning process (keeps carpets clean 3-4 times longer with no soap residues, ensures your carpet lasts twice as long as it's not a high temperature cleaning, and is healthy as the products are Green Seal Certified) that info is here:

I would need to hear from you by Tuesday, 5/23 to get it done.


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