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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by PBH, Oct 11, 2016.

  1. PBH

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    planning a trip for the 21st - 25th (Oct). Curious if anyone has been up to the north end -- what kind of camping conditions? We have camped in Four Mile the last two years and had nice camps. Any thoughts this year? (tumbleweeds? protected coves? prop-busters?)
    Looking forward to waking up in Four Mile.

    Four Mile Morning
  2. Lost Anchor

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    Fished there this weekend. Lots of spots to camp. Tons of drift wood to burn.
  3. Gem Morris

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    Lost Anchor, how was the fishing?
  4. Lost Anchor

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    The Small Mouths where on fire. Didn't matter what lure you used, they would hit it. All depths. Walleyes where deep 30 ft, unless the water was stained then found some in 8 ft. Crappies where hit and miss. There is a big school of Strippers in Stripper City. Water temp was 68 to 71.
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  5. Dungee Fishing

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    Jealous, let us know how you do. Hopefully heading down for veterans.