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Headed up to Last Chance Saturday October 21,2017. What a glorious day on the lake. Found schools, yes schools of stripers in about 30 feet of water. Up in the end where the water turns color. All caught on my trusty Cotton Cordel 3 oz silver spoon. Gotta love the spoon. Even caught a nice catfish in the mix also on a spoon. (See pic below) In all I filleted 19 stripers. Catching was best between 11 & 2 pm. Headed back to Wahweap caught several nice smallies on a green pumpkin senko. However, I was most excited about the really nice 18" smallie I caught coming into the cut. The biggest one I have ever caught. If you haven't noticed I really love The Lake and fishing from my Honda Aquatrax is amazing. (for me anyway) Somebody should head back up to the end of Last Chance and continue to thin the herd. I think they are going to be there for a while. That's where I found them last December also.


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great report, we went to the back of last chance last Tuesday , but was unable to locate them. I'm glad you were able to save some shad, maybe it will help more smallies grow to 18 in.
How about a picture of the Honda? I am picking up two hopefully in the next week or two. Love to see how you outfitted it.
How about a picture of the Honda? I am picking up two hopefully in the next week or two. Love to see how you outfitted it.

So I have been asked several times if I mind if someone copies my PWC setup. My answer has always been heck no I do not mind at all. The more PWC'S we can turn into fishing devices the better. If anyone ever needs any help anytime I would be happy to help. Here are a few pics of my setup.

By the way having my Lowrance mounted on the bar right in front of me really works well. It is always visible and seems to be very easy to see my lure because the transducer is right under me.


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Thanks Reed...I can say we found them also in the right finger at 80 feet on the left side and tons of shad further back.

Gaurding the entrance ring a bell....?

We were not able to spoon of troll them up. But Sue did catch the largest walleye we have ever caught.

But...We Found them today at the back of Main Rock in Rock Creek bay.

Small pods gathering into much larger schools as Wayne said. Killed them dead!
If writing a fish report this week I would suggest spooning in the back of Warm Creek and Last Chance and Rock Creek. There have been many stripers caught recently on spoons in water as deep as 30 and as shallow as 15. That is the point where shad hiding out in the shallows and stripers that prefer deeper water, meet. Striper schools are getting bigger and easier to catch. Don't give up to soon when looking for striper schools. Finding that one big school can make the whole trip.

We are heading out for a two weeks of netting starting Monday. Will report more when we get that job done.
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