Forgotten canyon


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We were up there the third week of May. With the current water level its probably about a 400 yard hike, well worth the effort. They are pretty neat to see. Stay in the creek bottom until you get close enough to see them, then go around a rock outcropping and there are stairs to take you up to them. The last bit is somewhat steep, but with the stairs if your in reasonable shape you should have no trouble. Take water.


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You can get probably a 100 yards past the little area with the trees sticking up out of the water. At some point it starts looking like you can keep going around the next bend, but the water is only like 2 feet deep.
With a 59' houseboat, how far up the canyon do you think one could make it? Powell. I have attached a photo from Google showing the location I am attempting to reach and anchor the boat.

This will be my first trip to Lake Powell. We will be leaving from Bullfrog Marina. We have kayaks and SUPs and no other motor craft.



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I've seen houseboats back there before. The water level in that photo from March 2016 (current GoogleEarth vintage) is likely 10 feet lower than today. You might be right in the middle of the face of that rock fall. Might be better. Might be worse. I've found that GoogleEarth is good for calculating distances and general location - but pretty lousy for picking a place to anchor the houseboat. Your mileage may vary. Good luck!

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When I was fishing there in early May there were a couple of boats camped on what I think is the same spot. My guess is that you will be fine as far as water level goes since the lake only came up 3 feet and is now going back down. Also excellent fishing for bluegill in the trees just around the corner.


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I was back there in late June. About a 20-25 minute hike. There were some houseboats camped back in the canyon although I don't think I'd take mine back there. I would say tough to do without a runabout or ski boat.