Flaming gorge 2019 Stamp


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if you plan to fish the gorge 2019 go online in Wyo DNR site, purchase your 2019 reciprocity stamp now before end of year, cost $10, going up to$30 for Utah, us greenies will not be allowed to buy in 2019 we will have to buy non resident Wyoming license along with non res Utah license to fish the gorge......but they still let us greenies sneak in until end of year as well for $10.
Thanks Wayne! LOL, I would love to have my own website, but for now will just have to work through my own Facebook and Instagram accounts. Good discussion and heads-up Bobco! Those of you considering fishing FGR in the future, also remember if you do decide to launch in WY and you're from out-of-state there's a requirement to have your boat inspected prior to launching. You can locate those inspection stations or agents on the WGFD website. Hope it helps and tight lines, Ryno


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Does anyone have any favorite links for fishing reports or info on FG? Gotta admit we’re spoiled here on Powell.
Not really. There used to be good information on the Kokanee Fishing Forum. Flaming Gorge has its own page. Unfortunately, it really seems to have died down in terms of activity over the past few years. Maybe if more people start posting it would pick back up?