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Fishing with my Grandson

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wayne gustaveson

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It was a wild two days trying to keep up with a 9 year old on Lake Powell. I had the upper hand when I got him up very early to head out the first day. I am not sure he noticed but the sunrise was superb. jakesr.jpg

We ran uplake looking for boils. It was sporadic but we found a few each day. The first day it as best at Rock Creek at 9 AM. On the second day it was best at 7 AM between Labyrinth and the main channel. Jake was a bit nervous holding his own fish but we figured out how to make it more comfortable.


The best bass fishing was near weedy shoreline in 15-20 feet of water. Jake caught enough bass to lose count. Thats what makes for a great fishing trip.


Fishing was great but he did like to do other activities as well . Here he is walking on water. Thanks for going with us Jacob.


Jack Herrin

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Hi Wayne, Thanks for sharing you fishing trip with your grandson. :) That smile of his says it all. I am sure he will be fishing more as he grows up.
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