Fishing Up North

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On our way back now, my Dad, Nixon and I were just up on the far north end since last Friday. Found a nice camp spot that was in shade by 4:30 (good for up North) on the east side across from Scorup.

Fish all over the place, from White down to the bathroom, found some interesting stuff all over, all good stuff. Fishing wasn’t amazing, but we found some smaller Crappie which we thought was a good sign. And all the smallies we did catch were in amazing shape, even managed a nice Largy that hadn’t been relocated to witness protection program by the bullfrog ramp after a tourney, only thing we didn’t find were some Walleye but didn’t target them.

Boils were pretty non existent (should’ve stuck with our normal schedule like the last couple years, sounded like last week was awesome), a few scattered ones in front of four mile one day and a couple other sporadic ones in front of blue Notch. Water turned real stained right out in front of four mile as BTW. But you’ll all be proud of us as we finally caught our first Stripers spooning!!! We ate lunch in the back of the canyon below Popcorn and saw some splashes so we caught about 15 all underwater throwing spoons and cranks. So we thought we might be able to duplicate the technique so we went to popcorn and found huge balls of Shad towards the back in 40-60 feet of water and spooned them up! Another great trip! Shad are everywhere, I’m sure as I’m typing his Good Hope is boiling.

Preston E7E065F5-C8BA-4CC9-9C5D-71EC7FEC5015.jpegDA0C99F7-CF64-484A-88E9-D1789D3807FA.jpeg80FCF0C0-9905-47B9-901D-E535540CBEF1.jpegC51DD4F4-291D-49DB-8784-10C67A04718A.jpegE86EA9EA-4972-4D1A-B2AE-84EA74A0892C.jpegA66EB881-0FD0-4095-87D4-04C20A7E863E.jpeg
So Preston, now that you have spooned them up will you always have a rod ready with a spoon on? Nice pictures by the way!

Ha maybe? Desperation was a huge motivator, luckily other trips we have really good patterns to follow and haven’t seen the need to “spoon,” but this time we were actually able to see the balls of Shad and look for the streaks to the sides, top and bottom of those balls. Our confidence got a huge boost when after about 20 fish it seemed to die so we simply re-grafted and caught more only a few hundred yards away almost immediately. It was fun, hopefully a spring board to spooning in the winter months? And definitely another tool we can use to catch fish at Powell, but most people know that, we are late to the game!
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