Fishing trip sept 8th need advice

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John kubica

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Hello all, I'm new to this group and have traveled to Powell a few times once earlier this year . We are planning a trip sept 8th. We were planning on going in Navajo canyon but was looking for help we haven't ever been to Powell this late in the year . Thanks in advance
Boils may intensify by then so continue to read this board regularly so you know - that's by far the funnest way to catch fish at Lake Powell. The mouth of Navajo Canyon is typically a good spot for boils at the right time of year.

If that doesn't pan out, a piece of anchovie on a lead headed jig is pretty automatic and stripers are caught regularly in Navajo Canyon that way.
Hi John,
First, do you have a fish finder on your boat? If so, read as much on this board as you can and learn to use and trust it. We have fished later fall for the last ten years and always have a great and successful fishing trip. Slab spoons in one to two ounce work well for stripers (and are fairly cheap) and once you find them with your graph, they are pretty easy to catch. Good luck and enjoy.
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