Fishing the south end this week...anyone else???

I am taking some time off to fish Powell a few days this week!

I may be angling solo...

I thought I'd throw a "shout out" to see if anyone else will be on the water Monday thru Friday???

Can't think of a better way to celebrate Veteran's day.

Have had tremendous fishing success in November years past.

Not planning to target Striper...but won't turn em' down.

I'll likely be staying aboard my houseboat each night slipped at Wahweap.

Let me know. Always appreciate meeting like minded anglers!

I've attached a pic of my fishing rig feel free to say hello!




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We will be fishing out of Bullfrog Monday - Friday....maybe Saturday. I imagine the lake will be pretty quiet. Good luck on the south end!
I want to take one last trip for the season, but wife doesn't want to go ; I stay at Lone Rock in the camper but I'm not sure I can launch the toon there without dunking the generator in the camper. What are my chances of hooking up with someone that could take the boat (or the camper I guess) down to Lone rock from Stateline? I was going to go last week (less moon) but got cold feet thinking about burying both rigs in the sand with no one around.


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I live just over the hill from Lone Rock (Greenehaven) and I don't think I have ever seen the beach empty this time of year (Jan maybe:).
We are heading to Bullfrog and fishing north Thursday through Sunday. Your rig is awesome! Did you custom build your T-Top?
Yep, custom-my fishing buddy in the picture designed and built it. He has mad skills. Welded it out oflightweight electrical conduit.

Best mod ever. Tows the boarders and skiers...Perfect assist when stepping in and out of the rig. Shade is nice Too! By the way I have really enjoyed your video on the north end...very slick...send some fish our way Please!