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Fishing south end 4/30-05/4

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Ken Creta

Took the HB ou4/29 and anchored at the mouth of Last Chance across from Gregorie's Butte. A bit windy when we arrived and just got settled in and rigged up.

We had 8 guys and 2 fishing boats with us and the wind was not bad and they took off. The guys throwing Senko's were definite the winners fishing close to shore with their wacky rigs and shallow presentations with chartreuse colors. Others tried jig heads with various style grubs and did not do well at all. The next day was basically the same with SMB hitting the same Senko's but now they caught some walleye fishing around the Butte with traditional jigs in watermelon.

The change came on Thursday when, for some reason, the Senko's were not producing. Based on the fact that the fish preferred a slow presentation I switched to a watermelon tube bait with a light weight head and I got things started again. For some reason they just went deeper, about 16 ft, but still wanted a slow presentation. The fish seemed bigger but were still active. During the entire trip I can say I never felt the "strike" but rather a soft pickup and then just held on to it. The other crew was still working around the Butte and caught more walleye and SMB.

Things continued the same way on Friday and Sat morning. We packed up, pulled the anchors and went back to the marina. My oldest and youngest sons took one of the boats and fished around the cut while we just got back into the slip. While they were fooling around my oldest son caught a 4 1/2lb LMB that looked as though she had recently spawned. We never caught any other varieties of fish and I could not even guess how many SMB's and walleye we caught. It was a great fun trip. We never kept even one fish so they are still there waiting for some other anglers to have fun with. Best of luck to all
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