Fishing Regulations and License Info - 2019

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Fishing Regulation and License Info - 2020

Lake Powell:

To fish across the state line at Lake Powell,
any person with a valid Utah fishing license—
either resident or nonresident—may fish any
portion of Lake Powell, including the Arizona
portion, without any additional permits or

Beginning in 2019 a Arizona resident with an Arizona fishing license will have the same privilege
of fishing all the waters of Lake Powell with only an Arizona Resident fishing license.

Anglers from other states than UT and AZ may fish in Lake Powell with Nonresident license from UT or AZ.

You may obtain a Utah fishing permit at and from Division offices and
license agents that sell Utah fishing licenses.
As long as you are legally fishing in Lake Powell, you may use two fishing
rods without any additional permits.

(c) Fish may be filleted at any time and anglers may possess filleted fish at any
time at Lake Powell.

Both Arizona and Utah have discontinued the second-pole permit. You can fish with 2 poles

Information on UT license fees at the link below.

Dead striped bass from Lake Powell can now be used as bait only in Lake Powell.

Spearfishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass is closed from April 1 through the
fourth Saturday in June;

To Purchase a Resident or Non-resident fishing license cut and paste this link to your browser:

Limits and Information:


It is recommended that you may keep 20 bass of the most common size (9-12 inch). Release larger bass that are able to eat smaller bass. This program has been successful in allowing smallmouth to grow to larger sizes and has helped restore the proper size balance within the smallmouth population. Keep some for supper but do not waste fish.


Largemouth numbers rebounded with rising water, flooded brush and more aquatic weeds. But that brush is now declining in abundance as the lake level decreases. Please release all largemouth which will allow these faster growing bass to populate the brushy areas when they become available once more. Keep more abundant smallmouth for a tasty bass meal.


Crappie fishing was good in 2012. But it began to decline in 2013 when brush came out of the water. Please honor the limit of 10 as crappie are declining in number due to habitat change. The limit was decreased a decade ago to allow some limited harvest but to protect crappie when declining lake levels displaced crappie from preferred brushy habitat as we now see in 2014. Let's protect them by harvesting only a few fish to prolong the crappie population as long as possible.


Keep all stripers caught, especially the small ones to keep the population in balance with the forage base. Immediately put stripers on ice in a cooler and fillet them as soon as possible for excellent eating. Stripers are best when eaten fresh. The best method of keeping striped bass for the freezer is to vacuum seal fillets before freezing.

Chumming is allowed to increase harvest of striped bass which may over populate if not controlled by anglers. Cut bait into small pieces and broadcast in water around boat. Striped bass in the area will strike cut bait or lures within 15 minutes of chumming. If no bites come within 15 minutes there are no active stripers in the area. Move to new location and try again.

CHANNEL CATS (and bullheads) LIMIT IS 25: Catfish are underutilized and can be harvested with no guilt up to the daily limit.

WALLEYE LIMIT -No Limit: Walleye are extremely efficient predators. The limit was removed because these fish are difficult to catch in large numbers. Most fish are caught while fishing for another species. You may keep all that are caught to maintain proper predator-prey balance in Lake Powell.


Colorado pikeminnow (Squawfish), razorback sucker, humpback chub, bonytail chub, flannelmouth sucker.

LINK to UT license information:

Hunting regulations

LINK to AZ license information: AZGFD

A UT resident or non-resident license is all that is needed to fish on either side of the state line in Lake Powell.

All anglers under 12 years of age may fish without a license and possess a full limit of fish.

Anglers 12-14 from any state need a UT youth license costing $5.

Utah and Arizona two pole stamp - Discontinued

For a listing of License Agents in this area please click here. If you are making a long trip to Lake Powell, contact license agents in advance to avoid any frustration caused by the vendor being out of stock or not having the license you need.

BEWARE - Differences in Fishing Regulations between UT and AZ

Fish ID –

AZ - leave a patch of skin attached to fillet
UT - fillet anytime – patch of skin not required.

Bait –
AZ - Waterdogs and Corn are legal bait
UT - Waterdogs may not be possessed or used as bait, Corn is legal

Corn is now a legal bait

Umbrella rig

AZ - only 2 hooks allowed
UT - 3 hooks allowed.
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